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5 most interesting but thrilling sports

Water rafting: It is very interesting and adventurous sports. You’re floating on the water with imbalanced and uncertain surface. Water can be very fast and deep. During your journey nature around you make this adventure more interesting and thrilling. Huge stones in the water, unexpected scenarios, waterfalls etc. these all beautiful moments will be part of your journey. Average water rafting time is two to three hours. I would suggest you before going on this adventure don’t eat. Because it [...]

5 habits can make you successful

Learn& understand others: If you want inspirations then best way to get inspired is learning. You have to read and watch others. This activity will make you more precise and effective. You can understand the standards of the current era. You have to clear your thoughts and goals, so you can move forward. To get rid of this confusion you have to understand the procedure, again you need knowledge. You cannot excel in any field of the life without knowledge. [...]

5 most interesting but dangerous places of the World

Lake Nyos, Cameron: Though this lake is so attractive, because everyone wants to know about the weirdness of this lake? But frankly speaking, this lake is very dangerous. It is located in Northwest Region of Cameron. Apparently it looks normal and beautiful. But actually it isn’t normal.  It is located above the inactive Volcano line. That’s why eruption of Carbon dioxide had been seen from beneath of the lake. It spreads in the surrounding of this lake. All above mentioned [...]

Avoid from 5 things if you want to be a successful person

Don’t blame others for your failures: “A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” John Burroughs In short, you can say don’t try to escape from bitter realities of your life. It’s not a shame that you got failed.  Your failure is a proof that at least you have tried. You have to except your mistakes. Then you need to learn from these mistakes. In this way you can improve yourself. [...]

10 Life changing quotes by great women’s

1.Anita Roddick She was a great human being and successful businesswomen. She also worked as a social activist. She was the founder of “The body shop” a cosmetics company producing and retailing natural beauty products. She was also involved in “Green peace” and “The Big issue” to create awareness among people regarding environment. Well she achieved many milestones in her life. Here is the best quote of her “Whatever you do, be different – that was the advice my mother gave me, [...]

5 most interesting but thrilling professions

Nature is the most interesting thing for human being. I know this list may not cover all the interesting but dangerous jobs in the world. But the best list I found is here Ghost hunting: Yes, there is no doubt it’s very dangerous and at some stages may it cause death or any fatal. But this thrill makes this profession most interesting, because it’s of an adventure. Imagine the scenario, you are investigating a haunted place and then suddenly a door [...]

5 ways to increase your IQ level

Solve puzzling questions No doubt this is the most interesting way to increase your IQ. Those who are regular at this never face any problem regarding brilliance of their brain. There are many analytical questions available on the internet. You can search with the title of “Blood relation test”, “Mathematical puzzle” or “common sense test” questions. Search out this type of questions and try to solve 5-10 questions daily. You will feel a significant improvement with in ten to fifteen [...]