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5 best motivational/Inspirational movies

In today’s list we have a target to figure out the best motivational plus inspirational movies. I’m not going to provide theme stories for these films because then suspense and joy gets vanished. These stories are very supportive for those who are depressed and disheartened. Your personality will boost up with positivist. Let’s start with 1.The pursuit of happyness: 2.In the heart of Sea : 3.The Walk : 4. Nightcrawler : 5. The Terminal : Written by: Shoaib Rasheed Please follow us on Facebook, twitter and google+ [...]

Story of a Black dot

Today we will discuss a very productive activity, such kind of activities should be performed in every institute by every teacher. We are going to discuss a story of “dot” today. It’s very interesting as well as very unique. “One day a professor asked his students to prepare for a surprise test. He handed out the question paper, with the text facing down as usual. Once he handed them all out, he asked his students to turn the page [...]

5 productive ways to become a creative person

Being innovator of something really sounds great that’s why everyone has a wish to become a creative person. Though creativity is one of the best gifts of nature but a man can become creative by taking some steps even if you were not a creative person. So let’s talk about those steps which can make you simply a successful person because you have great ideas. This world really needs those people who can change this world with their ideas. Make [...]

6 Crazy Kids but the last one is the best one

Today we will talk about an amazing and different  approach of children. I’m going to discuss answers of 6 children; you may find these answers funny but think how creative answers children have. Let’s move towards first child Question number 1: How old is your father? Kid: He is 6 years old. Teacher: What? How is this possible? Kid: He became father only when I was born. Question number 2: Teacher: Amber, go to the map and find north America. Amber: Here it is. Teacher: Correct.Now, class, [...]

First milestone achieved

I’m extremely thankful to everyone being here with us. Though still I’m a beginner but I’m really looking to achieve much more. You guys were amazing and also very helpful throughout this journey. I’m thankful to everyone for supporting and encouraging me. I wish everyone good luck. Again Thanks guys! Written by: Shoaib Rasheed Please follow us on Facebook, twitter and google+: Tweets by shoaib312

5 ways to get freedom from the fear

  We are going to discuss five ways which can make you a fearless person, in other words, these habits can make you a successful person. There is no doubt that life is very tough and you need to stay very strong throughout your life so you can win every venture of your life.Fear management in modern times is a challenge. Sharing: The first step to getting rid of fear is to share your stuff with others.  Imagine a person who is [...]