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Act of Kindness

A group of self-motivated youngsters with a kind heart decided to build an organization for the welfare of society: such a society which will direct our nation towards a stable and peaceful future. In 2016, the dream comes true when “Acts of Kindness” was founded. Youth from miscellaneous classes chosen a single platform just for the public assistance. In a very short span of time this effort earned overwhelming positive response from society. Due to it’s committed team and clear [...]

Dil_e_Nadaan by LATZ

LATZ bringing a play with full of entertainment named “Dil_e_Nadaan“. Dil_e_Nadaan is a play based on a renowned and popular comedy of Neil Simon-The Last of the Red Hot Lovers– Story of this play revolves around such a man who is trying to retain his remaining liberty and youth by getting involvement in an affair. Diversified characters at every occasion in the play offsetting the kind soul of the title role, you cannot control your laughter’s for this comedy [...]

Majma’17–مجمع ۱۷

Youth is the backbone of any nation when this part of the community gets awareness then tracking success becomes an easy task. Educated and civilized youth is the best blessing from mother nature. Variables is such an organization which is a joint accomplishment of self-motivated students of Faisalabad: Students of Fast-NU (chiniot campus, Faisalabad) and Government College University Faisalabad (for women) are playing key role in this project. They have aim to conduct training’s and social events for the [...]


When it comes t FETEX is one of the largest annual technical cum social event of International Islamic University, Islamabad since its inception in 2010. It aims to provide a platform to budding engineers across the country to create, innovate and learn about various aspects of technical as well as non-technical skills through competitions and workshops. In a short span of seven years, FETEX has grown exponentially and enjoys a mammoth footfall of over 8000 participants from over 50 Universities [...]

6th All Pakistan Literary Festival & 2nd All Pakistan Mastermind Quiz Competition

By educating a nation you can modify dimensions and goals of a society: using this tool a state can rise as a great power. Literature is the only thing which is protecting humanity. Every country/society has it’s own culture and moral values, for the survival of your social originality the best possible solution is  –promotion of Literature– University of engineering and technology is the best engineering Institute in Pakistan. This institute serving nation since 1921: produced many marvelous names in [...]

National Book Day Celebrations

National Book Foundation was established in 1972 as a service rendering educational welfare organization. NBF was always on front to support positive movements for the cause of literature promotion. Likewise in past they are gonna organize another diversified event. In 2010, government of Pakistan decided to celebrate 22nd April as annual –National Book Day– According to this order, National Book Foundation is going to conduct a magnificent three days event from 22nd April to 24th April, 2017: it’s worth mentioning [...]

رنگ سنگ

Artists are considered the most sensitive and creative community in any society: They can understand and feel everything happening around them because of this ability they are the most valuable asset of a society. Every aspect linked with humanity is alive just because of them. If you are artistically linked with nature and willing to express it then Students Council of Ameerud ud din Medical College brings a vital opportunity to show your talent.     This colorful event is a [...]

Provincial Youth Assembly

Provincial Youth Assembly is initiated By Young leaders for the Development and Training of Youth, to inculcate democratic culture in the Youth of Pakistan, and to bring Young leaders of Pakistan on one platform. The specific objectives of Provincial Youth Assembly are to educate Pakistani Youth about politics and democracy and to demonstrate to them how Parliaments are working. It is a youth centered Institute at whose heart is experiential learning to spearhead a Youth Led Development model in Province/Pakistan. [...]

Lahore Eurasia Film Festival 2017 | By UOL (SOCA)

The University of Lahore Founded in 1999 by Mr. M A Raoof, under the auspices of the Ibadat Educational Trust, The University of Lahore has created its name in the field of higher education and is regarded as one of the premier private sector general University in Pakistan with diverse disciplines ranging from Medicine & dentistry and Engineering to the Arts and Social Sciences. The University of Lahore always trying to hunt talent of Pakistani students by organizing competitions. To [...]

Build Business on Amazon from Pakistan

Setting Up Amazon & Ebay accounts from Pakistan. Understanding Selling on Amazon & Ebay. Understanding Amazon FBA & Merchant Model. Identifying a Niche, Competition, Demand & Supply. How to Avoid Suspension & Policy Violations from Amazon? How to Setup Multiple Accounts? & more. Someone who has little or basic knowledge about online Business or about Ebay/Amazon and wish to learn how to sell online is a candidate for this conference. Anyone who has access to stock, products or niche but reluctant and don’t know how [...]