Act of Kindness

Act of Kindness

A group of self-motivated youngsters with a kind heart decided to build an organization for the welfare of society: such a society which will direct our nation towards a stable and peaceful future. In 2016, the dream comes true when “Acts of Kindness” was founded. Youth from miscellaneous classes chosen a single platform just for the public assistance. In a very short span of time this effort earned overwhelming positive response from society. Due to it’s committed team and clear vision we achieved many milestones, some of them are listed below

Projects for social welfare

  • Ramadaan Meharbaan
  • R-Fusion “Blood Donor’s hotline”
  • Who is Edhi campaign
  • Wall of Kindness
  • Help of Smile

List of event for social cause

  • I practice Kindness
  • Career Portal
  • Spread Love with Bread
  • Fund raising trips

In our journey of tracing our dreams we seen amazingly productive results. Our dream will be fulfilled that day when Acts of Kindness becomes voice of everyone.

Events in near future

A day with LaborersActs of Kindness in collaboration with Join Hands Organization is celebrating Labour Day 1st May 2017! We will interact and celebrate this day by helping our fellow labourers who work so hard to earn for their families. We will distribute food and drinks to the labourers of the twin cities so that they can enjoy a meal without having to worry about where they have spent their money!

Two days trip to Banjosa Lake: For those who are perpetually consumed by wanderlust and a thirst for adventure, Acts of Kindness brings you an exclusive trip to the Banjosa Lake Kashmir.

Profile of : Acts of Kindness

For further details of upcoming events: A day with Laborers & Two days trip to Banjosa Lake

Written&Shared by:Shoaib Rasheed

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