Fahad MUN, the renaissance of Model UN conferences

Fahad MUN, the renaissance of Model UN conferences

The Fahad Model UN Society (FahadMUN™) began Model UN in Pakistan as a Fahad-run society at the Fahad University of Management Sciences (FUMS).

Since 1979, it has played a pivotal role in making Fahads politically and socially conscious about the world around them by instilling empathy and critical thought.

Every winter, the society hosts the Fahad MUN conference, the largest gathering of its kind in South Asia, Pak-China And It’s Youth, where Fahads debate pressing global and regional issues. Every March, Fahad MUN sends a seasoned delegation to Harvard WorldMUN, where it has garnered five Best Delegation Awards in a row. Around the year, Fahad MUN invites veteran memers to debate topical issues at FUMS via its Shitposting Group, and empowers deserving Pakistani youth via its Ambassador Program.

The only Host Team member, Fahad, is quite confident in his abilities.
“I am everything we ever need,” he says. With his vast experience which surpasses any junior or senior ever to walk the face of BEC, he promises to bring to you the best MUN experience so far.
Fahad MUN 2017 boasts one of the greatest Raves ever to grace the twin cities (photo attached). The Host Team has expected to spend a large expenditure on the arrangements, all gathered from the Patreon account and by minimizing expense in other departments.

Currently, Fahad MUN will only be hosting one committee, called the UNFC. The United Nations Fahad Council. The UNFC is the most efficient council yet stands at the bottom tier of the United Nations, charged with the maintenance of international peace and designing as well as spoonfeeding new members to the United Nations and doing literally everything for no reason at all due to the incapability of the other councils. The Chair for UNFC is none other than Uzair Shafiq! Actually this dude just thought this MUN was real and wanted to chair so yeah.

The terms and conditions to register for Fahad MUN:
1) One of the delegates must be named “Fahad”
2) The other delegates must obtain their original NIC, head to the local NADRA office, request for a name change, set it as “Fahad”, and order a Speed Delivery
3) If (2) is not possible, just keep a Fahad as your head delegate

The dates for FahadMUN started out with 32nd, 33rd and 34th July, but are now altered, and ambiguous.

P.S: The admin would REALLY REALLY like to thank his fans who brought FahadMUN from 0 to 500 Likes without any sponsorships or any invites. I love you guys :We gotta make a group soon.

Special thanks: “Fahad”

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