Gather The Blessings Of Ramadan By Donating Blood

Gather The Blessings Of Ramadan By Donating Blood

In the modern times, humankind witnessed materialistic growth at major level, In between of this life of a common man has been deeply diversified and we have seen discouragement of positive trends (related to humanity). Therefore internal satisfaction is not in approach of everyone: by helping others we can get internal satisfaction. Blood donation is the best example we can fit in above mention trends. Through this donation a person can save lives of Patients having Chronic blood disorders,hemophilia ,thalassemia etc.

For the fulfillment of this desire an organization was founded with the name of Fatimid Foundation in Karachi during 1978.  The journey that began in a small room on the pavement of Britto Road, Karachi, Pakistan has gradually blossomed into the largest voluntary health care and blood transfusion service providing thousands of bags of healthy fully screened blood and blood products. Now Fatimid foundation has centers in Karachi, Multan, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar and Hyderabad: soon the organization will launch offices in other cities of Pakistan.

According to a stat Pakistan daily needs more than eight thousand (8000) units of blood and the organization distributes seven thousand blood bags among registered patients(a great majority of them are children) on monthly basis. Center of Fatimid foundation are highly equipped to make sure that acceptor do not get infected by the viruses like hepatitis B& C and HIV.

In this Ramadan Fatimid Foundation going to set 4th Anual “Gather The Blessings Of Ramadan By Donating Blood”. Fatimid foundation plans to celebrate blood donor’s day to appreciate all the blood donor’s in the World. As climate of Pakistan will get warm and humid in upcoming months therefore it will be a hard period for the people who are suffering from the disease like thalassemia. To deal with this matter they are going to do something different, this year all arrangements will be done in advance. This collection of blood will be a gift for the children of Thalassaemia & Hemophilia for the holy month of Ramadan.

Become a part of this celebration and productive activity. Support donor’s who are saving the lives as your participation will further encourage them. The children Suffering from Thalassaemia & Hemophilia looking for  your Love, affection & Encouragement. Therefore play your role in society by donating blood, financial support and by sharing these words with in your circle. The organization expecting involvement of Media and celebrities.

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