Glorious Debating Council (G.D.C)

Glorious Debating Council (G.D.C)

Glorious debating council is such an organization which has aim to nurture leadership, public speaking, writing etc. skills from ground level to professional. G.D.C will provide exposure to the interested youngsters so they can become positive and productive citizens. “Leadership is the quality which is not only required to lead a team or a group but to spend a successful life as well”.

President of G.D.C Stated.

And young blood is the backbone of any economy therefore G.D.C believes that if youth of a nation is involved in constructive activities then no one can destroy or finish them that’s why they will focus youngsters.

If you have a passion to become a trainer, public speaker, professional communicator, anchor, Radio presenter, writer and a leader then join hands with Glorious debating council and become a part of it. G.D.C will open the door of opportunities so you can show your abilities and talent.

President of Glorious Debating Council also told us that soon they are going to start membership process.

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