What Mother Teresa can’t change?

Everyone out there in our society says,” I alone cannot supervise this community in right direction”. But if you have taken some steps, doesn’t matter how big or small they are, going to create a thrill. Later on. which can become a solidified effort in the shape of revolution.That’s why,  never underestimate small but productive attempts. “I alone cannot change the World, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. Mother Teresa  Muraadnama.com For more like this: Muraadnama [...]

You should wish for? (Jim Rohn)

Most of us fantasize such a life in which they have no pain. But in reality it never happens because life is a test and you have to face everything. What Jim Rohn thinks about this? “Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better”. Jim Rohn Muraadnama.com For more like this: Muraadnama (Motivation) Written&Shared by: Shoaib Rasheed Please join us on Facebook: Muraad nama Twitter:Shoaib Rasheed Google plus: Google Plus

How to stay happy?

If you are searching for real happiness then you need to follow rules declared by the great physicist Albert Einstein “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or things”. Muraadnama.com For more like this: Muraadnama (Motivation) Written&Shared by: Shoaib Rasheed Please join us on Facebook: Muraad nama Twitter:Shoaib Rasheed Google plus: Google Plus

Two Types of People

In our society we have two types of people; slothful and diligent. Every person has effects on society either positive or negative; a father/mother is a role model for his progeniture, Big brother/sister is ideal for his younger siblings, a senior citizen is an example for fellow residents. Indolent people are those who are like ulcer of the community. Such individuals always have bad attributes; hopeless, reckless, characterless, aimless etc. When a tough time arrives and they cannot handle it [...]

How to start business without investment (Part-II)

Answer of this question is very simple; Life is not easy and such obstacles are part of everyone’s life. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor. It’s our quotidian life practice to put blame on ground realities to decrease our guilt. For this virtual comfort, we always have solid reasons; Factual point is-whole humankind had pain-but some of them get rid of it and others are blaming. Everybody just needs to understand that, life is not life [...]

How to start business without investment (Part-I)

Our life is changing with every passing moment; everyone wants to handle life problems: Unfortunately some of them are successful. In this modern era, you can find problem solvers with a one click: for a moment it feels like life will change now but when we come back to reality these tricks seems senseless. Because everyone had different scenarios and different life problems like no investment, responsibilities etc. Then what is the formula to become a successful person? continue…………. Written by [...]

We Are Offering Free Online Sessions/Courses

Introduction: MURAADNAMA is such an organization; want to promote positive activities among people, Through these actions we believe everyone can get benefits. Therefore join us in this social cause and become a useful and responsible citizen. We are going to organize sessions on i) Motivation ii) Career counseling iii) Awareness iv) Public speaking v) Strategic thinking If you’re willing to join these programs then go ahead and submit your response through this google form Registration Form. Source of communication will be Urdu [...]

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