Most haunted place of the World

Most haunted place of the World

The-Beechworth-Lunatic-AsylumBeechworth Lunatic Asylum located in Victoria, Australia. It is also known as Mayday hill hospital. It was a mental hospital with a capacity of maximum 1200 people at a time. Mayday hill was functioned in 1867, but due to some mysterious reasons hospital closed in 1995 after 128 years of operation. It was fourth psychiatric hospital build in victoria. About 8000-9000 people died during 128 years, and now there is doubt that these souls are haunting this place now.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum now becomes famous creepiest place. In January 2015, the girl photographed in the most infamous wing of asylum, sitting in darkness. The wing is where patients were given electric shock treatments.screen_shot_2015-03-17_at_8.04.17_am People also witnessed that they have seen ghost of tommy kennedy who was patient there. And such kind of incidents is very common in this hospital. Visitors have reported hearing hearing the sound of children laughing and playing, but when they tried to trace the sound they were unsuccessful. If you like ghost haunting and have a patience to face anything big than you should try this place.

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