Pakistan Speaks

Pakistan Speaks

Pakistani media is portraying false image of Pakistan. There was a need of such an organization which can fill this gap and where people can speak about the truth. To address these issues and present Pakistan in better way a community was founded on 23rd  May, 2015.

This social effort became voice of thousands in very short span of time and now it is the largest social media organization (N.G.O) of Pakistan. Interesting facts about the organization are

i) working body belongs to student community aged under 23 years

ii) such a great setup emerged with in two years.

The organization has a desire to help deserving people by any means. To achievement their dreams Pakistan speaks launched many programs for the assistance of people; Iftar drives, Blood arrangements, Awareness programs etc. 

This social gathering is getting bigger and stronger day by day and society is expanding area of it’s social work so they can reach& facilitate more deserving people. President of Pakistan speaks stated in an interview to that their upcoming projects will also focus public welfare likewise in the past.

Asher Mirza (President of Pakistan speaks) conveyed message for the youth” If you want to do something good other than yourself then make it possible”.

Organization: Pakistan Speaks

Written&Shared by: Shoaib Rasheed

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