Peer educator (Rutgers WPF)

Peer educator (Rutgers WPF)

Rutgers WPF is a renowned centre of expertise on reproductive health and rights. Its activities are mainly carried out in the Netherlands, Africa and Asia. Its aim is to improve reproductive health and rights throughout the world. Rutgers WPF supports partner organisations and professionals in their work to increase their expertise on reproductive health and rights and issues surrounding it.

TOUR TEAM Multiple tour teams will be formed, and each tour team consists of 2 people:

1. a facilitator from the Netherlands

2. a foreign peer educator (coming from a country where there is a high prevalence of sexual and gender based violence) SCHOOLS PROGRAMME /TOUR The 2-4 peer educators will visit (with the Dutch facilitators) approximately 50 schools in total (school year 2017-2018).

They will give 6 sessions a day of approximately 50 min each for 5 days a week. WHEN The 2 periods of stay in The Netherlands will be from: Approximately (depending on visa criteria): –

Beginning of September until end of November 2017 –

Beginning of February until end of April 2018 The 2-4 peer educators will take part in a training of 6-8 days which will take place prior to the start of the schools tour.

Your age The Dutch students (age 12-18) have to be able to identify with the peer educator (so age preferably between 18-25). – Your language Your English should be fluent and your voice strong. – Your performance/presentation skills. You should like to dance (the dance4life drill) and feel confident and strong to speak up before (small) crowds of youngsters (25-75 students at once).

Talents and Skills You are energetic and have a positive energy. You are able to inspire and move youngsters to take action. You are respectful. You are open minded. You learn easily. You have to work as a team and be willing to invest in the team (and vice versa of course!).You have rhythm and verve and are not afraid to use it.

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