Finding ways for the fulfillment of your dreams is always a hard task: When you are not able to achieve which you have dreamt then frustration and negativity attains attraction. In that case, internal satisfaction gets vanished, even your job is not that helpful:You have talent but it’s still unexplored and useless then don’t be hopeless and hold your breathe. PLATFORM will figure out your every problem as PLATFORM is such an organization which aims to resolve such kind of issues and direct our society to a better and independent future. Due to our effort no one will sit back or wait for the right time.

PLATFORM began its journey, a dream becoming reality for the development of Pakistani community and for those Homo sapiens who believe in community development and living life by helping others. PLATFORM is going to set Pakistan’s first program in Islamabad with freelancing, business development and educational guidance. Team of the organization is comprised of highly competent professionals having worldwide experience.Team PLATFORM offers highest level of support and services as compared to other currently working tech and software houses in Pakistan. Basic aim behind the formation of PLATFORM is to offer prime support to top line students of Pakistan. The organization is working to enhance opportunity doors for student community in upcoming years as Team PLATFORM is coming with freelance, educational and business development services. By introducing this project in our society we are expecting a valued addition of affirmative trends.

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Written&Shared by:Shoaib Rasheed

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