Seminar on Women Empowerment and Youth Counseling

Seminar on Women Empowerment and Youth Counseling

Second gender (females) was a neglected part in each and every society of the World: After the revolution in west the world realized that without empowering and equalizing women, proper progress is not attainable. If you look at the history of world , You will find that Islam was first religion who declared rights for females.

Females cover 52 percent of the total population in Pakistan: still second gender is not enjoying equal rights. Literacy rate among females in Pakistan is very low specially in remote areas this percentage decreases drastically. If we want to boost up our economy then we have to empower this part of community.

Youth is considered backbone of any economy and those nations who invested in their youngsters are not  defeat-able. Luckily Pakistan has been gifted by nature as we have more than sixty percent youth. Skilled and qualified youth is the greatest asset for a country.

CAPS is working on both of these important aspects of society: to generate practical results recently they organized a seminar on the topic of Women Empowerment and Youth Counseling. Naima Ansari (CEO Innovations) and Saeed Yaqoob Ali (YCDN) were the special guests of this program.

Well equipped& committed team of CAPS made this event a success as  The society observed great turnout of students. They have aim to further enhance such kind of productive activities. As the organization is focusing very important region of the society which will return in the shape of positive and bright future for Pakistan.

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