She is the only One

She is the only One

Being innovator or the first one seems wonderful but on other hand you have to face many obstacles as you are looking for something different. Similarly there is a girl residing in Islamabad had an idea to work on a unique thing. She became first female Vlogger of the Islamabad.

She started Vlogging youtube channel named “Diary Of Seresha” in 2016. In an interview to she explained the story behind ‘Seresha’, “The name “Saoirse” is an Irish word meaning Freedom. It is pronounced as “Sir-sha”. When I was finding a perfect name for my online presence I came across this word and decided to keep it because; it was representing something very important to me i.e Freedom. I added my own twist to it’s spelling by converting the name into “Seresha” since it was rhyming with my real name Sehrish“.

In a question About her Journey of one year she told us that” I was not so serious or regular on my YouTube channel:  But when I got featured at -Hamaray Log- page and got invited to PTV World for an interview as Islamabad’s First Female Vlogger, that’s when  I started taking my vlogging seriously which was after march 2017. To sum it up; It has hardly been two months since I started vlogging”. Currently Diary of Seresha have three members as team, Seresha is the sole owner of the brand while she has one manager and a videographer/photographer.

Diary of Seresha is not just a Vlogger, It’s a whole phenomena representing a girl who is creating her own freedom in terms of her art, diaries, relationships and life. She wants to change the image about her country by showing the ground realities about Freedom in Pakistan for second gender. Because local and international media is misprinting about violation of female rights. Seresha also added that People abroad think Pakistanis are terrorists well that’s absolutely not true. Out of this insanity,  Diary of Seresha pops out of nowhere and decides to do something positive for Pakistan. I hope to inspire younger youth to do something special in their lives, enjoy every moment and live in the present”.

She told us about her struggles while working on this project” It wasn’t easy of course. There are a lot of tough competitors in the male dominant vlogging community. In females, I’m the only one in Islamabad, Pakistan, representing my life and it’s hard but I believe everything you work for eventually pays off. So one should always keep their head held up high. Just work hard and be consistent with your videos: Success eventually will reach you”.

Future plans of Diary of Seresha “Going to start vlogs season wise in Episodes and will also be starting a new section for struggling artists/designer/singers or anyone who holds any type of talent. I also would like to do something special for innocent cats who either are left to die in streets or get eaten by fleas/worms alive. I’m a cat person, I love them so much. So you will get to see some work in coming days on this aspect” She added.

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