Short stories documentary competition

Short stories documentary competition

Real Stories is YouTube’s home for compelling and award winning long-form documentary content. Now we want to provide a new platform for the best short-form documentaries as well. Our Real Short Stories competition is looking to find the most compelling documentary short stories from across the globe and broadcast them as part of a two week-long series on the Real Stories Facebook channel. Entry is completely FREE and all successful entrants will get their film broadcast and promoted to a worldwide documentary loving audience AND be in with a chance of winning a £1000 cash prize.

We’ll be selecting 28 films to be broadcast as part of the series on Real Stories Facebook. Of these, 6 films will then be shortlisted as finalists. A panel of top documentary producers and commissioners from both Little Dot Studios and externally, will then choose one winning film that will receive the £1000 cash prize. In addition, all 6 shortlisted films will get the opportunity to pitch a separate original idea to the Real Stories Commissioning Editor at BAFTA.

Why Enter?


Entry is free and open to all factual films.

  • There is no time limit on when the films were produced. We believe that good stories are timeless.
  • There is no minimum duration and the maximum length is 10 minutes. Priority will be given to shorter content that is more Facebook friendly, so consider shortening or optimising longer films.
  • All 28 selected films will be promoted to a worldwide documentary loving audience through targeted Facebook advertising – taking your films to a new audience of thousands worldwide.
  • All shortlisted films will be viewed by a panel of documentary industry experts.
  • All 6 shortlisted finalists will have the chance to pitch an original docs idea to the Real Stories commissioning team at BAFTA.
  • The chance to win a £1000 cash prize.

What are we looking for?

Factual Films – Films must be documentary or factually focused. Any topic can be addressed, be it human interest, news, nature or history. Be creative, think outside the box and just tell a great story. The film can be specially produced for the competition or be an existing film that you want to re-format.

Facebook Friendly – For films to have the best chance of being selected they should be made or adjusted for Facebook viewing. We have included tips how to do this in the document below.

Short and sweet – Shorter films perform better on Facebook. Whilst we are not setting a lower duration limit for films, any films over 10 minutes in length will not be accepted. Consider re-cutting your film to a shorter duration for the best chance of being shortlisted as it will be an important factor in the shortlisting. Ideal length would be in the region of 2-3 minutes.

How are we choosing the long-list, short-list and winner?

Step 1 – The Real Stories editorial team will review each of the submitted films and select 28 of them to be broadcast during the 2 competition weeks.

Step 2 – Over the course of the competition weeks, those 28 films will be periodically uploaded to the Real Stories Facebook page and will be promoted to documentary lovers all over the world with an equal amount of Facebook media spend.

Step 3 – At the end of the competition weeks, 6 films will be chosen to submit to our panel of industry judges. The criteria for choosing these 6 will be a combination of editorial quality as well as performance metrics, including the number of views, shares, comments and reactions. Weighting will be applied to ensure that films released later in the competition cycle will not be at a disadvantage.

Step 4 – The 6 finalists will viewed by our panel of industry experts and a winning film will be selected to receive a cash prize of £1,000.


How to enter?

Entry is simple. Your film should be uploaded to one of the 3 services listed below. Entrants must then email a downloadable link to the film to along with the film title, a maximum 100 word supporting statement and up to 3 credits. If you would like to, then please set a password and include it in the document.

Our email:

Before submitting, please check carefully that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice below, as by submitting your film you are agreeing to all such terms, and granting us a license to use your film as set out in the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with anything, please do not send in your film to us, as you will not be able to withdraw your film after submission.

Last date for submission of your is 16th of July, 2017.

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