Textile thesis Display LCWU

Textile thesis Display LCWU

Special thanks for assisting us “Aqsa Nadeem”.

 An artist is a deep observer of Nature. Due to these qualities, they are considered important part of every society because they keep nature alive, around us. In modern times, every industry has been flourished specially dimensionally of art entered in to a majestic era.

Creating designs for woven, knitted or printed fabrics or surface ornamented fabrics is known as textile designing: This technique is very useful in the industries like fabrics and Interior designing.

Students of textile designing from Lahore college for women university are going to exhibit their work; French chintz, burn art, Celtic art, Winter etc. This activity will also be very helpful to promote positive trends as there are some designs based on awareness theme. The LCWU is always promoted talent of their students by conducting such kind of activities.

This industry(textile designing) has great presence in Pakistan and artists working on it getting wonderful response. If you love to see creative art and have supportive character, then you should join this program. Your presence will encourage the hard work of students.

Special thanks for assisting us “Aqsa Nadeem”. 

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