The BluBird Project

The BluBird Project

The World has progressed well in last hundred years, on other side materialistic approach created gap between man to man relation. In today’s modern world we are spending more luxurious lives but due to above mentioned problems things are getting complex. To resolve this issue a step has been taken named as “The BluBird Project“.The organization has aim to look that what happens to an individual when there is no love, care, compassion and acceptance.

Pakistan is the sixth largest population of the World, where almost twenty (20) million people are suffering from some kind of mental health issues: It means one out of every three facing issues related to mental health. While living in such a community where proper cure is not a general trend it gets more complicated. The organization has aim to invest all of their energy in introducing a proper setup, so we can get rid from such diseases.

Everyone wants a happy and enjoyable life which is get-able if you can connect those missing points which are key to success. We may think that this moment is the final destination of our becoming, which, of course, is not only wrong but a source of much of our unhappiness. Human beings are “works in progress” that mistakenly think they’re finished. The society believes that everything is temporary in our lives just change is constant.

To make this project effective and result oriented the BluBird project will arrange a series of awareness raising seminars that will feature presentation and lectures by guest speakers, interactive activities/games, and physical exercises in the form of yoga and group therapy.

The BluBird is going to organize two wonderful programs in July,2017.

i)Emotional Resilience Building Program (18th July)

ii)Workshop On Relationship Building (8th of July)

For further details of events visit:

i)Emotional Resilience Building Program
ii) Workshop On Relationship Building 

Written&Shared by: Shoaib Rasheed

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