Thus Heer Spoke

Thus Heer Spoke

Kinnarid College for Women is the best educational center for the females in Pakistan. The college has fabulous history of more than a century. For the first time in over a 100 years, Najmuddin Dramatics Society presents a theatrical performance staged in our دلیر language, Punjabi, “THUS HEER SPOKE”. In the Journey of ten decades Najmuddin Dramatics society produced most distinctive names of Pakistani TV screens; Madiha Gohar, Naveed Shahzad, Ayesha Sana etc. It’s an honor for society that distinguished Shakespeare Globe theater Visited them.   


Like other provinces of Pakistan, Punjab has a unique culture and Punjabi is most common language in the largest province(population wise) of country. History witnessed great Punjabi poets and writer’s; Waris Shah, Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid etc. The story of –Heer Ranjha– written by Waris Shah earned a great fame worldwide, Persuasive and meaningful poetry of Bulleh Shah makes Punjabi literature so important. Unfortunately this traditional language is getting unheard and non-popular due to consistent ignorance.

For the revival and recovery Kinnaird College is going to conduct a play with the name of “Thus Heer Spoke”. The play is intertextual and has reference from Bulleh shah, Amrita pritam, Sultan Bahoo, Munir Niazi etc. : it’s a joint product of the core team of the Najmuddin Dramatics Society. It will be performed from 24 to 27th of April, 2017.

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