WED’17 – World Environment Day

WED’17 – World Environment Day

One of the burning issues of  World in current era is -The Climate Change-; rise in mercury level, air pollution, glaciers melting etc. In the recent times, rate of variation in global weather pattern increased rapidly. Jumble Industrialization and urbanization effected nature badly: To address such an important subject  Environmental & Horticultural Society, UET Lahore is going to arrange an awareness program in collaboration with ‘United nations Environment Program‘ on 5th June, 2017, to celebrate The World Environment day on purpose. 

The society believes that such kind of events will be very helpful to realize our community that how crucial this issue is. By creating awareness in our youth, will be greatly helpful for us to overcome the circumstances of climate change.  Existence of Eco-life is not attainable without listing this topic in most addressed issue.

Come and join hands with  Environmental & Horticultural Society, UET Lahore to make our earth resemblance of Heaven by playing your part.If you love nature and you are photographer as well then share best clicks from your camera related to mother-nature. The society will set an exhibition later on where they will exhibit your work. Youngsters are allowed from outside of the university.

For further details: WED’17 (Event Page)

Event Host: Environmental & Horticultural Society, UET Lahore

Written&Shared by:Shoaib Rasheed

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